Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pow! Pow!

Most of you know that I support strict gun control measures. I've been pretty vocal about that fact. Guns have never been a part of my life. But, about a year ago, a good friend of mine brought up the fact that we can't be against something we've never touched. Fear based on ignorance that leads to anger is something I despise, so we decided we were going to shoot some guns! We bought a Groupon for time at a shooting range and put off using it for a year. Yes, a year. The Groupon would have expired today. So, we used it on Sunday.

Yep, this photo sums it up.
I was terrified to say the least. My parents didn't even let my me and my brother own toy guns. BB guns were unheard of and ever touching a pistol seemed ridiculous. But, yet, there I was, being taught to load a gun while armed men stood shooting just feet away. After I'd asked if we could get targets that didn't look like people (the answer was no) and listened intently to the safety tips that my friend's good friend taught us, I was ready to fire the gun.

Even though I was wearing safety goggles, I didn't bother to ask why so I was more than a little shocked when a shell casing hit me in the face the first time I fired. But, I was able to hit the shoulder on my first try and the chest on my second try. I was proud, even though I yelled "Sorry, paper man!" more than once.

It was a good experience, and I'll probably go shooting again. I haven't changed my political stance on guns, but I am happy that I now know how to use one responsibly if the need ever arises and understand why so many people love the sport of shooting.

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