Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happiness in 2013

A lot went right for me in 2012. I now live in a beautiful home. I moved to the next stage of my career. I made tons of new friends and continued to grow my relationships with old ones. I spent time with my family as James and Lauren graduated after years of hard work. And, I was able to focus on my health and feel better than ever. There's really not a lot that I shouldn't be happy about. For that, I'm grateful.

I want to continue to grow that happiness in 2013 and that requires a lot of introspective thinking into what makes me most happy. As I mature, I want to eliminate the things that don't bring any value to my life and focus on the things that do.

Some goals incorporating the things I love:

  • Take meaningful steps toward graduate school (with the goal of starting in 2014)
  • Learn to cook
  • Take my career to a place that I'm not too comfortable but not too uncomfortable
  • Become a better wife and listen to Steve's needs more
  • Plan for a family
  • Be a better friend
  • Make our house a home and our own
  • Read the list of books that I promised myself I would
  • Volunteer for something I believe in passionately
  • Write because I love it, not just for work
  • Find exercise that I enjoy doing and will continue doing
Hold me to these goals for happiness. 2012 will be a hard to top, but I hope to do it!