Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Journey Home

In 2009, Steve and I first toyed with the idea of buying a house. At the time, Greenwood seemed like the right place for us. We spent a day with a realtor looking at all that Greenwood had to offer in our price range - one that topped out relatively low. We didn't find the right place for us. I'm glad because, today, I wouldn't want to be trying to sell a small home in the Greenwood area. Although prices were low back then, our home wouldn't have had the things that we need to grow a family.

In early 2011, we looked into building. It seemed like such a fun process! We found an adorable neighborhood in Noblesville. At the last minute, when all the papers were almost signed, I changed my mind (much to Steve's disappointment). It didn't feel right and now, we see that it wasn't. The neighborhood was too far north for our current downtown jobs. That hour or more commute would have given us no time at home to enjoy the beautiful house we would have painstakingly designed.

In early 2012, we looked again. There were many houses we liked but nothing was THE ONE. We gave up our search and signed our lease for another six months.

When I got my new job in August, it became clear that we'd be in Indianapolis for a while. We decided this would be where we raise our family and grow our careers. So, the time was finally right to settle down into a good home. And finally, the search was on. This time for real with no trepidation about buying.

We looked at 10 houses, then five more, then five more and a couple of the ones we'd already looked at...
Our realtor no doubt wanted to fire us.

Then, one day, I was browsing through houses on the mini-website our realtor had set up when I found our future home. I saved it to our possibilities with a note that said, "I wouldn't be surprised if this was the one." And, I wasn't. We looked at it the next evening. I knew it would be our home when I heard Steve happily whistling upstairs as he walked around imagining all the things we could do to make it our own.

We thought we'd look at it one more time before making an offer, but after looking at pictures again and again, we couldn't wait. We made an offer and anxiously awaited a reply. Then, we made counter offer after counter offer and waited for replies. A little over a week later, we signed an offer and began the rest of the process.

We closed on October 17 and have loved our first two weeks of homeownership. We've already fixed up our living room and kitchen, bought rugs for the beautiful hardwood floors and introduced the dogs to their big backyard, the neighbors' chocolate lab and our new neighborhood. The past two weekends, our home has been filled with family as everyone pitches in to support us.

It took three years to get here, but it was worth the wait. We've finally gotten home.

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