Tuesday, September 25, 2012


For NaNoWriMo this year, I've decided to write what horror writers should write best: a ghost story. I'm starting out by doing a little research on ghosts. I did some during my lunch break yesterday & am embarrassed to report that I was too scared to use the stairwell for the rest of the day. Old building. Eek!

I read a lot of really cool stuff. I'm intrigued by the stories of "white lady" ghosts. It seems like most cultures/areas have a version of this ghost, usually a woman in white who has tragically lost a husband or a fiance. Also, I was terrified to learn of some ghost stories from Read Hall at Indiana University.

A recap of one bone-chilling tale from IU:
A woman with long black hair and a bloody night gown is said to haunt Read Hall at Indiana University. Legend has it that her medical student boyfriend killed her with a scalpel and hid her body in one of the abandoned tunnels under the building. When questioned by the police, his guilt overcame him and he took them to the body. The woman’s ghost has been seen in several areas of Read Hall.

To think I studied in that creepy basement!

I am hopelessly afraid of ghosts. Yes, I firmly believe I've seen one (a story for another time). So, this November will be rather frightening for me, but it should make for a great story. Here's to entering into the spooky!

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