Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vacationing in Noblesville

I recently accepted a job as a copywriter at Gannett. Yay!

Between my two weeks wrapping up publicity campaigns and my start date on Monday, I have three days off (not including the weekend). Sadly, one and a half of them are already gone. I haven't had vacation days to relax in a year. That's right, a whole year. Normally when I take vacation days, it's to actually vacation or do something crappy like go to the doctor, move, etc. I didn't do so well with my day off on July 4th so I'm trying to make the most of these.

This feels a bit like summer vacations did when I was in school. I even made a lunch that I would have eaten back then. PB&J with shells and cheese. Yum. All of that was gone in just a couple of minutes.

This morning after a doctor appointment (Yes, I decided to stick one in there to get it out of the way), I went to Barnes & Noble to relax and read. I ended up getting two books and a Moleskine for the hubs. I can't go in there without buying at least two books. Today, I chose Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King (hardcover & on sale - SCORE) & How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (our next book club book).

Now, please excuse me as I curl up on the couch to read while I try to ignore the fact that we have a messy apartment. (Don't spend your vacation cleaning, Jessie...)

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