Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boozed & Booked - Round 2

Last night, we held our second book club meeting. This one at Sandy's house. We got a little more boozed and a little less booked.

We talked about Before I Go to Sleep. I reviewed the book last week & enjoyed it overall. 

The discussion included some deep questions, thanks to Sandy:

  • Is the ability to remember days gone by the only thing that separates humans from animals?
  • What does love look like after many years in a relationship?
  • Are emotions stronger than memory?
Some interesting answers resulted. We have a lot to say... especially after a few drinks.

Great quotes from the night:

"He put his own happiness after hers. That's love." - Abby
"It takes a lot of effort to love somebody so much for so long." - Jaymie

Lots of truth.

Next up: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran


  1. You had a much better hashtag idea than I thought you did :)

    I also reviewed the book on Goodreads on 7/16. At least we have our reviews to remember what we talked about!

    You're the best, Jessie!

  2. Though I didn't finish the book, I really enjoyed the topics that were brought up. If we had had time (and more wine...), I would have loved to explore the idea of how love - true love - extends beyond physical limitations. We approached it a bit; though Christine's mind was "broken" in a sense, there was a deep part of her that knew, somewhere, that the man she was with wasn't her love. And about the end - when she found Ben - what then?

    Looking forward to reading your review!

  3. Yeah, there's so much that we could have gone into last night. We would have been there until morning.

    I wrote my review last week. I wasn't entirely nice. ;)