Monday, July 30, 2012

Scared of Stephen King

I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. So much so that I used to have to force myself to read other authors. I love almost everything he's written... until recently.

I worked on reading Insomnia for over a year before I just gave up. I didn't want to accept how awful the book was so I just kept pushing through, hating every minute. The novel went in a million directions (few of which were interesting) and just kept getting crazier (not in a good way). The characters weren't good enough to be likeable or bad enough to be hated. Maybe I would have liked it if I'd made it to the end...

But, it was just too damn bad.

Ill try again out of loyalty in the future, I'm sure.

This weekend, I started reading The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. So far its ok. (Yes, just ok.)  Stepehen King loves description and he gets to write a lot of it with a young girl lost alone in the forest. Hopefully, I'm just still getting over the bad taste left in my mouth from Insomnia. I will keep updating as I make my way through.

I hope I'm not complaining about it a year from now.

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