Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Club

Give seven book publicists a novel, alcohol & a pool - what do you get? A two-hour conversation filled with tears, laughter & learning.

Last night, our publicity team held our first book club meeting. We'd read Mistaken Identity (consensus is that it's not enjoyable). And, we didn't stop talking!

How did the book club turn out so successful?

  1. We had thought-provoking questions. Thanks to Jaymie (last night's host), we had discussion about things more complex than the book. Our topics spurred empathy and thought.
  2. We're different, yet similar. We all have journalism & writing backgrounds... and, of course,we read all day long. Our shared interests combined with our diverse experiences allowed us to learn and grow while understanding.
  3. We have a mutual respect for each other. Everyone felt open to express themselves. No judgement was passed & ideas were shared freely.
  4. We relaxed. The book club was held in the pool, with wine & beer, in the evening after work. The calm environment helped everyone feel comfortable and ready to gab.
I'll admit that a group of seven is a little large, especially since we all LOVE to talk. But, even when the conversation split into a couple of groups, it was still focused and worthwhile. We even used a "talking sandal" (all we had at the pool) to signal when it was someone's turn to speak. Are we too old for that in our mid-twenties?

Next up: Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson


  1. Great post, Jessie! I absolutely loved our conversation. It was a LOT different than the experiences I've had in my church book club (there's neither a pool nor alcohol in the church library where we meet) so it let me approach the conversation differently.

    Thanks to Brittani for letting us use her sandal!

  2. Alcohol and book clubs (I've personally decided) are a must. And my sandal can be used whenever you'd like!