Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Imitate. Innovate.

Working in many marketing environments, I've learned this: a lot of people just want to keep up. They don't want to move ahead or push the envelope.

For example, when doing agency work, I noticed that a client would see a campaign of a competitor and instead of bringing a new vision to the table, they would want the same thing the other organization had. "Change the photo and text, but I want a design like that."

That leaves me wondering why. Why would anyone want to look like a competitor when what those in marketing are supposed to do is stand out, brand organizations and be the first to come up with great ideas? A competitor's work shouldn't be a template; It should be inspiration for others - inspiration to keep growing new and better ideas. Those in a creative profession have the ability to conceptualize and bring their ideas to life. What a truly amazing job! Imitating defeats the entire purpose of being in a creative arena. Some marketers are searching for a formula, but marketing is anything but routine.

I'd like to believe that most people entered the field because they wanted to make something out of nothing. Marketers should have the desire to see new ideas brought to life. And, maybe, be the innovator that everyone else wants to imitate.

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