Friday, February 4, 2011

Stress: The Anti-Creative

I get a lot of my inspiration for writing from everyday events. I'll even admit that I do some of my very best writing when I'm feeling a down. But, the everyday stresses and annoyances of life really get in the way of my creativity.

Lately, there have been a lot of things on my mind. From the ice storm to tax season, I never feel like I can pour myself entirely into an imaginary world. Once I begin the creative process, I feel like my ideas are locked in a cage. I'm assuming this is because I feel that stress has locked me in a cage.

Here are some things I've tried to release myself from the prison of my own mind:

- Reading. A well-constructed piece of literature always inspires me to make what I'm writing better.
- Being around/talking to people who inspire me. I find that I am more excited about projects when I talk to others who are excited about their projects as well.
- Thinking. I don't always have to be writing when I'm working on my writing projects. Some of the best stuff I've written has come after a brainstorm with myself or my writing buddies.

Any other tips, creative folks?