Monday, August 23, 2010

What's in a name?

I had a bit of an identity crisis with my name change. I thought I was looking forward to getting rid of a last name that could never be pronounced, but when the time came, I turned into a raging feminist, wanted to reject the expectations of society, and seriously considered keeping my maiden name. The name on my college degrees, etc. wouldn't be my name anymore, and I had a hard time accepting it.

Then, I thought of my future child and his or her identity, and the possibility of Steve never getting to have joy of his wife taking his name... and I "gave in."

But, what I never could have predicted is the immense joy I feel every time I see my married name on a document. I realize now that I didn't lose who I was; I added to it. This name is a symbol of the love we share and the commitment we made to each other. We're not just two people in love now; we're a family - our own family. And, I had to give up some symbolism of the family I came from to really make that a reality. *Please note that I'm not implying that women who choose to keep their maiden names haven't formed a family. This is simply what it meant for me.

Did anyone else struggle with their name change? Did your maiden name mean a lot to you?

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