Sunday, July 4, 2010

We're not all bad...

I read a blog article today titled "Why People Hate Marketers" and what it boiled down to is that marketers often don't see our community as a community; they see it as a group of prospects waiting to be converted and that we (marketers) often take advantage of emotions to sell things. In a way, that's true. Everyone's a potential customer and with the right marketing, we can make them one. But, if a prospect shouldn't be a customer, I (personally) would rather not see them converted.

I haven't been a marketer very long. Only about two years, in fact. Most of that time, I've spent as a marketing copywriter. And, in my marketing copy, I always do my best to be honest about who needs what I'm selling, honest about how to use what I'm selling, and I never ever lie to make more people interested. Marketing is (partially) about playing on emotions to get prospects to buy what you have to offer, but I would never want to do that dishonestly and never will. I always aim to convert prospects into happy customers, not into disappointed and financially-injured customers.

Recently, I've been working on selling my car (and actually did so today). I had a lot of people turn away from buying because I was honest about the car's downfalls, honest about what had happened to it in the past, and never tried to conceal something that might make the buyer unhappy. Did it take me longer than I wanted it to to sell the car? Yes. But, now, I have sold it to someone who is 100% happy with the purchase, feels completely informed and even said "I'm so glad I met you."

As a marketer, I do want to play on emotions to get people to buy my products. But, if their final emotion won't be satisfied, I'd rather them remain prospects. So, don't hate all marketers. Some of us really just want to see happy customers.

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