Monday, June 28, 2010

Untraditional: A Matter of Perspective?

For those looking for expensive centerpieces, a huge cake, and the same vows they've heard at every wedding before, you won't find that at our wedding. Steve and I have known from the beginning that we wanted our wedding to be untraditional.

What's remained important to us all along is that we want the day to be about the promises we're making to each other and pure happiness; not an overpriced show. We wanted to take the wedding focus back to what we feel it should be: the life we're starting. So, don't wear a suit and tie because you'll be dressed more formally than the groom. This day is about family, love, and fun. And perhaps a little tradition because it's a tradition in my family to have a damn good time. :)

I'm not meaning to put down people who have chosen to do everything by the book with their weddings or implying that their days weren't filled with love and family support. I'm simply stating what's important to us in ours.

Some things that may be a little different at our wedding than what you're used to seeing:
  • Steve won't be wearing a tux and I won't be wearing a veil.
  • We don't have wedding parties.
  • We wrote our own vows.
  • Our guests will stand to make the moment more intimate (don't worry, the ceremony's very short).
  • We're having a cupcake cake!
  • No garter or bouquet toss will take place.
  • There might be some yard games involved.
We hope our guests will have a good time at our untraditional wedding. Perhaps, we'll start some traditions of our own!

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