Friday, April 16, 2010

AP Style Nerd...

SO excited about this news:

A little sad that I ordered my 2009 AP Stylebook so late though. I'll have to buy a new one right away. Oh well.


"The trend in tech terminology is ALWAYS toward lowercase and no spaces or hyphens. 'E-mail' is rapidly giving way to 'email.' 'Inter-office memo' became 'interoffice memo.' (Actually, that's the trend in all English: 'extra-marital' becomes 'extramarital,' 'pigeon-hole' became 'pigeonhole,' etc.)," New York Times technology columnist David Pogue said via e-mail. "On the other hand, if enough publications all start using the lower case and the no-hyphen (sorry, 'nohyphen') term exclusively, then eventually, the public will stop tripping over them, and we can all move ahead in sync!"

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